Our story
We’re a reproductive health company making personalized fertility information and support more accessible.
Our fertility essentials — including at-home tests and tools — help you find power in your fertility info and get proactive about your reproductive health.

Why we started Modern Fertility

A few years back, Afton Vechery, our co-founder and CEO, wanted to better understand her fertility even though she wasn’t trying for kids. As she began learning more, she realized:

  • Everyone’s fertility changes at different rates.
  • There are simple blood tests that check in on your fertility.
  • But they’re expensive ($1000+!) and not easy to get if you’re not trying to get pregnant.

Afton teamed up with co-founder Carly Leahy and the pair devoured one research paper after another, talked to hundreds of people, and heard one thing loud and clear:

People with ovaries don’t have the info they need to plan ahead. Modern Fertility is here to change that.

Where we’re headed with Ro

Ro and Modern Fertility are teaming up to make sure women have more info and power over their health journey.
Healthcare should be personal, proactive, and operate with the best interests of people in mind.

What we believe

Understanding your fertility now gives you more options later.

Our healthcare system is inherently reactive, and fertility is no different. “Just wait and see” isn’t good enough. Modern Fertility helps you find power in fertility info: we meet you where you’re at and give you the info you need to plan ahead.

Our hormone essentials get you information about your body, earlier.

Our hormone essentials get you information about your body, earlier.

Everyone deserves neutral, clinically sound reproductive health info.

We validate our products with clinical studies and every Modern Fertility Hormone Test is conducted in a CLIA and CAP accredited lab. We also offer free virtual events with fertility experts and our articles are all medically reviewed.

We’re focused on creating an unbiased, rigorously scientific experience.

You deserve health information that’s 100% personalized to you.

We offer in-depth reports based on your hormones, an app where you can get personalized predictions for your cycle and fertile window, and a free virtual community where you can meet people like you.

We’ll meet you where you are — because everyone’s reproductive journey is different.

Our goal is to help every person with ovaries understand their chances of conception earlier in life.

Most of what we know about fertility today is based on studies of infertile populations. (Plus, there’s a massive research gap).

We publish reports in peer-reviewed science journals, run validation studies on our products, and present our IRB-approved studies to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

We need more research to change women’s health for the better — and we’re just getting started.

Meet our medical advisors

Our Medical Advisory Board includes top reproductive endocrinologists, OB-GYNs, and fertility researchers.

Nataki Douglas, MD, PhD
Chair of the Modern Fertility Medical Advisory Board

Julie Lamb, MD, FACOG
Medical Advisor

Jane van Dis, MD, FACOG
Medical Advisor

Jennifer Conti, MD, MS, MSc, FACOG
Medical Advisor

Scott M. Nelson, PhD, MRCOG
Medical Advisor

Safedin Sajo Beqaj, PhD, HCLD, CC (ABB)
Medical Advisor

Temeka Zore, MD, FACOG
Medical Advisor

Meet our fertility essentials